Jake Paul Mocks Conor McGregor And Cuts Fight Offer From $50 Million To $10,000

That’s kind of funny to be fair.

A lot of people were quick to mock Conor McGregor after his knockout loss to Dustin Poirier over the weekend and it’s not really surprising that one of these was ‘undefeated’ boxer/YouTube personality Jake Paul who is desperate to secure a fight with the MMA superstar.

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Jake has been trying to get the attention of McGregor for the last couple of months but has roundly been ignored, so it wasn’t really surprising that he was going to take another shot at pissing him off after his KO at the weekend. Paul posted a video on his Instagram account which was basically just him laughing his ass off, then explaining that after that performance from Conor he’s now cut his $50 million offer to just $10,000.

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That is kind of funny I suppose, but I really don’t think that Paul is ever going to secure this fight with Conor unless his stock plummets dramatically over the next couple of years. It’s gonna be a bit of a lol seeing all the dumb stuff he’s going to try and secure it though I will admit. Guy is a moron, but I suppose this part of his ‘comedy’ is at least stupid enough to be entertaining. And I’m sure so many of us would love to see Conor step into the ring and beat the shit out of him. Maybe one day.

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