Jake Paul Performs Drive By Attack On Conor’s Teammate Dillon Danis; Danis Poses With Paul’s Ex Wife

Things have escalated.

This stupid potential fight between Jake Paul and Conor McGregor is really heating up, as Paul is doing everything in his power to piss off Conor and get him to take the bout so he can beat the shit out of him for being so annoying.

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The latest escapade in this series involved Paul interrupting an interview with Conor McGregor’s teammate Dillon Dannis by throwing water balloons at him, which is really a move that nobody has used since they were in high school. You can check out the clip below:

Yeah that doesn’t really look that great for Paul – especially considering Dannis even managed to catch one of the balloons and throw it back at him – but considering he’s probably just trying to be as obnoxious as possible and look like a major prick then he’s succeeded perfectly. Go Jake Paul?

Even though it seems unlikely McGregor is ever going to accept the fight, Dannis wasn’t about to let this move go unpunished and decided to retaliate later that day by changing his profile picture to one of himself and Paul’s ex wife Tana Mongeau. Edgy.

For what it’s worth Tana herself posted the following Instagram story in retaliation to all this nonsense, which indicates at least someone involved in all this idiocy has their head screwed on:

Bet she probably regrets ever getting involved with Paul considering their marriage barely lasted six months. Stay tuned to see what inane prank Jake pulls next in an attempt to trick Conor into a fight with him. Can imagine it’s going to be pretty big considering the way he’s going.

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