Jake Paul Claims He Is In Talks With Conor McGregor After Sending Proof Of $50 Million Fight Offer

Could this actually happen?

Didn’t seem like Jake Paul was doing much over the weekend to try and antagonise Conor McGrgegor into fighting him – although I could have quite easily missed all this after the Tier Four announcement – but today he’s claiming that his people are actually in talks with McGregor’s people and the fight might actually be happening now.

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Paul said the following to TMZ:

We’re talking to his team. Conor looked at my DM on Instagram, but we’re talking to his team.

When we sent them the proof of funds, they like put their tail between their a*se […] they’re like, ‘This little crazy kid ain’t playing’.

Well, certainly sounds like he’s serious in that interview doesn’t he? I think it really would be hard for Conor McGregor to turn down $50 million to fight that little chump because it’s a lot of money and even if he did get beaten by him nd lose all his credibility, he would still have another small fortune in his back pocket to lighten the blow. Feels very unlikely that he would even lose though to be honest, so what’s stopping him hey? C’mon Conor, whoops that guy’s butt.

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