Jake Gyllenhaal Is Starring In A New Netflix Horror Movie Called ‘Velvet Buzzsaw’

Velvet Buzzsaw

This looks weird.

There haven’t been too many exciting looking horror movie trailers this year so far, so it’s pleasing that Netflix look like they’re continuing their home run with the genre thanks to the trailer for ‘Velvet Buzzsaw’.

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The movie sees Jake Gyllenhaal playing a contemporary Los Angeles art critic who gets involved with some kind of weird horrific paintings that come alive and attack people. So kinda like a cross between Ghostbusters 2 and Zoolander or something.

Here’s the official synopsis as well as the trailer:

Well, things took a darker turn in the second half of that trailer didn’t they? Not really sure how this one is going to pan out as it looks like a mixture between stupid and terrifying and that’s kind of a hard combination to pull off, but Nightcrawler was a great movie so I’m confident that Dan Gilroy is gonna be able to do this one justice. Only a couple of weeks to wait for it as well which is completely rad.

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