Selena Gomez’s ‘A Love Story’ Horror Is The Creepiest Short Film Of 2018

When bath time goes seriously wrong.

Selena Gomez sucks on an eyeball and eats icing scraped off her own leg with a butcher’s knife in the wild teasers for new horror short film ‘A Love Story’. 

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The film is set to debut on Instagram’s new long-form video player, IGTV, when it becomes public (no date set yet).

Anyway, the whole thing looks seriously disturbing:

What was that all about? I guess we’re going to have to watch the full thing to find out. But if the plan was to completely destroy Selena’s squeaky-clean Disney image – mission accomplished.

Although that may have happened when she posted this NSFW photo of herself in the Weeknd’s bedroom to be fair.


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