VIDEO: 19 Year Old World Shot Put Champion Jacko Gills’s Workout Routine Is Insane

Jacko Gils Workout

You think you push it when you go to the gym? Check this out.

I’ve never really thought about how much working out you would need to do to be a shot putter. I mean obviously you need to be super strong because those shot putts are fucking heavy so you gotta pump up some big ass muscles, but I never dreamed that it would be a routine like this.

This is some next level shit, especially for a 19 year old kid like Jacko Gils to be getting up to. I think the most insane thing he does is the pulls ups with the heavy duty chain weighing him down. Or maybe when he’s walking along with some massively heavy weights. Or maybe when he’s throwing the ball on the floor and catching it. Or fuck, any part of the workout is insane.

Respect goes out to Jacko Gills, who for some reason refers to himself as The Chiliman.

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