PHOTOS/VIDEO Meet 70 Year Old Bodybuilder Sonny Bryant Jr

70 year old bodybuilder Featured

Age is just a number according to this guy.

Meet Sam ‘Sonny’ Bryant Jr. He is one serious physical specimen and even more amazingly he’s 70 years old. I guess it just shows that working out can make you stay young, because no way does this dude look like most frail 70 year olds that I know. In fact he looks better than most of my friends.

Even more amazingly, Sam had never even been to the gym until the age of 44. He was going through a particularly stressful point in his life – getting divorced – and decided to just go for it. He initially hit up the gym just to relieve stress, but once he got into it he really got into it.

Just 11 months after he started lifting his gym instructor asked him if he wanted to enter a bodybuilding contest. Amazingly he came third in the novice category and fourth in the master category, and from then on he was hooked. He’s now been doing it 27 years and plans on never retiring, because ‘age is jut a number’. If this old man can do it, why can’t you?

Check out his story in the video below and look at some pictures of his incredible physique on the following pages:

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Sam Sonny Bryant Jr bodybuilder 1 Amazing 70 Year Old Bodybuilder (30 photos)

Sam Sonny Bryant Jr bodybuilder 2 Amazing 70 Year Old Bodybuilder (30 photos)

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