Female Powerlifter Projectile Vomits Over Judges During Deadlift Competition

Powerlifter Puke


Professional sportsmen and women spend most of their lives training to be the best, so it must be absolutely devastating when something really embarrassing happens to them in the middle of an event that they’ve been building up to for their whole careers.

That’s what happened to this female powerlifter, and it’s even worse because she probably didn’t actually have any control at all over what happened to her. Over at the Raw Unity Powerlifting Championships, the Instagram user blondebeuatybri posted up the following video of her losing all control of her body and puking up everywhere in front of the judges as she attempted a deadlift. Whoa:

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Well I suppose at least she has a sense of humour about it and can laugh about it. Even more impressively though she didn’t freak out – even though she got the head judge apparently – and managed to finish the lift. Nice one girl.

She clarified her opinion on it even better after she was made the topic of some nasty-ish memes and again responded like an absolute champ. You go girl:

No I’m not embarrassed nor ashamed of this I’m actually proud of myself for not giving up like most lifters would! So many people are saying so many things like its “gross” “nasty” “chicken dance” whatever yes it’s gross and nasty and yes I like to do the chicken dance to pump my lats before my lift but at the end of the day I still got my final attempt deadlift and I wouldn’t change anything at all. For people who don’t understand powerlifting and the passion we as powerlifters train long and hard, beat our bodies up for 1 day on the platform and a total of 9 lifts you better believe after I covered the judge in vomit there was no way I wasn’t going to get my lift. So to any lifters who have ever done any of the powerlifting trifecta on the platform (pee, puke or poop) keep on lifting because you trained way to hard for any of that to stop you!!

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