Ja Rule Is Now Playing House Parties & 50 Cent Is Roasting Him Over It (VIDEO)

50 Cent is having a field day with this.

Ja Rule’s career has never been the same since 50 Cent emasculated him back in the early 00s, and 20 years later it looks like 50 is still keen on getting his shots in whenever he can.

This week, a clip of Ja Rule playing a private house party found itself online, which isn’t uncommon among musicians, but usually it’s some Saudi Prince’s mansion or some millionaire’s 16-year-old daughter’s birthday extravaganza. This… isn’t either of those things:

Go Tina! Always ready to rub salt in the wounds, 50 Cent shared the video onto his own Instagram page and captioned it with the following:

If you don’t want to end up doing private birthday parties for 15 people. stay out of my way, OK

Ouch. So simple, yet so effective. I mean what else does 50 Cent have to say at this point? Both men haven’t exactly been lighting the world on fire with their music recently but 50 Cent has gone on to do a million other things while Ja Rule went on to play a big part in last year’s Fyre Fest flop. Even still, 50 Cent feels the need to kick Ja when he’s down after two decades of making him his bitch. Some people just have no chill whatsoever.

Worse still for Ja Rule – 50 Cent has the perfect GIF to use in situations like this:

Oh well, at least we’ll always have the memories:

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