Uni Students Fined After Throwing A Party So Crazy The Air Scored 0.09 On A Breathalyser

This sounds like one of the wildest nights in history.

Two American uni students are headed to court following an off-campus party that saw more than 100 under-age drinkers issued with alcohol citations.

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This means 22-year-old Tyler Steinhardt, who is leasing the property, is pretty much screwed as he faces 100+ counts of providing alcohol to minors.

His friend Jamieson Tymann, 21, allegedly punched a police officer in the chest and eye when asked to leave the party. He’s screwed too.

According to the police report, the house was completely wrecked during the party, with beer “seeping through the ceiling into the basement”.


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There were 200 kids partying on just the first floor, and another 50-75 cramped in the garage, as well as a bunch of people hiding in closets and under beds when the police showed up.

The most insane part though is that a preliminary breath test registered .09 just in the ambient air. Yup — there was so much alcohol flowing at this party that even the AIR was drunk.

Lucky for Tyler, providing alcohol to minors isn’t a criminal offence in Maryland. However he still faces fines of up to $2500 per under-age drinker… which adds up to a $275,000 penalty.  Holy shit.

Hopefully they cut him some slack on that. I mean getting arrested and having to pay a quarter of a million in fines seems a bit excessive for what was essentially just a house party with 100 under-age drinkers. That’s happening every day all around the world. I don’t mind the other guy getting punished for punching the police officer though. Fuck him.

To watch a video of an aggressive junkie getting DASHED from a house party she refused to leave, click HERE.


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