ITV Have Announced They Will Show La Liga Matches Every Week This Season


Everyone knows that it completely sucks that there’s never any football on terrestrial television except for the occasional international or highlights shows, but ITV have looked to finally do something about it as they’ve announced that they’ll be showing a live La Liga match every week this year.

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Sure, La Liga is hardly the Premier League in terms of excitement, but it’s still pretty cool that we’ll be able to check out what Messi and Hazard and Bale (maybe?) are up to every week just by pressing a button and not having to pay for it. I can see myself lazing around on the couch with nothing to do and tuning in virtually every week to be honest.

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The deal is that ITV are going to be showing one live match a week and also a highlights show as well. The good news is that they’re not going to be picking something dumb like Eibar V Real Sociedad either – it’s usually going to be the big games from the week, with Barcelona vs Real already scheduled for August 25th and Villareal V Real Madrid set for September 1st as well. I know where I’m gonna be.

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