ISIS Release Haunting Video Of Captured British Journalist John Cantile Threatening To ‘Expose The Truth’

John Cantile ISIS Video

This video is being pulled by YouTube at a rapid rate, catch it while it’s still live.

ISIS’s social media campaign worryingly continues to grow momentum with their latest upload after yesterday’s video threatening to destroy all US forces in Syria, which looked like a trailer to the most brutal war film ever made.

This new upload features captured British journalist John Cantile promising to expose the truth behind the west’s manipulation of their true nature. His words should probably not be taken seriously though, as he performs the video – entitled ‘Lend Me Your Ears’ – in an orange jumpsuit and seems to be under duress or perhaps even having been brainwashed due to his two years in captivity.

Cantile – who is 43 and was a regular for The Sunday Telegraph, The Sunday Times and The Sun before his capture – states that this is the first of a series of short episodes where he will uncover the truth behind the Islamic State and the lies being told by the Western media. He states that even though he’s a prisoner he’s got nothing to lose and is making the video of his own free will in order to prevent another war between American coalition forces and the Islamic State.

I’m not really sure what to make of this as Cantile seems genuine but having seen all the recent videos of the Islamic State beheading multiple people I’m pretty positive that anything that they say can’t really be believed. It also very obviously seems like he’s reading everything off a prompter and he seems very uncomfortable with the whole thing. I’ll let you watch it below and just say that all of this stuff is really scaring the shit out of me lately.


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