ISIS’s Most Recent Gruesome Torture Method Is Called ‘The Flying Carpet’

ISIS flying carpet

Their barbaric methods know no bounds.

IS extremists are using yet another barbaric torture method to get their prisoners to confess, titled ‘The Flying Carpet’.

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Doesn’t sound so bad right? Wrong. The treatment, which is being used by ISIS groups across Syria and Iraq, involves prisoners being strapped to a wooden board with hinges in the middle. The ends of the boards are then brought together, bending the spine of the victim.

ISIS prisoner

The method has been revealed by rebel group ‘Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently’. One guy who managed to escape the grip of ISIS militants said:

The ISIS prison wardens would speak continuously of the coming retribution.

ISIS men would enter, place knives on our necks, and threaten to kill us.

An ISIS member would occasionally enter carrying a prisoner’s amputated head, promising the others a similar fate.


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Another method that the group described is called ‘ghost’ and it is where the prisoner’s joints are all dislocated, resulting in permanent disability. How do they even think of this shit?

This information comes just weeks after we heard that ISIS were burning their own soldiers alive if they tried to run away. Where will the barbarity end? Can’t we all just drop all the hating and chill the fuck out? Nah probably not – but it’s nice to dream anyway.


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