ISIS Extremists Strap Explosive Belt To A Terrified ‘Suicide Puppy’


Desperate measures.

Footage has emerged showing Iraqi rebels discussing how ISIS extremists strapped a suicide belt to a terrified puppy.

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The video suggests that the extremists wanted the dog to wander across the front line so that the bomb could be detonated by remote control, as part of a new desperate tactic to attack the enemies.

The PMU fighters, from an organisation backed by the Iraqi government, say they successfully disabled the bomb and that the dog will be sent to Baghdad Zoo, “for a nice break from the war zone and well away from ISIS fighters trying to blow animals up for their sick war.” Damn straight. That poor little pup looks so scared.

ISIS really are turning to desperate measures now, as proven by this video. Some people are speculating whether it’s real, as it was released by rebel forces. But it wouldn’t be too hard to believe – this isn’t the first time ISIS have used dogs as weapons. They really have hit rock bottom.


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