ISIS Have Reached A New Low By Using Dogs As Suicide Bombers


ISIS hitting absolute rock bottom.

The battle for Mosul continues to rage on and it seems like ISIS are employing more and more underhand tactics as it looks as though they’re destined to lose. However, this might be their most horrific effort yet – they’re actually sending out dogs as suicide bombers now.

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Fahmi Abbas, from the Iraqi Armoured Units, told IRNA the extent of what ISIS were up to these days:


ISIS terrorists have equipped 600 dogs with bombs.

They want to send them among Iraqi Army forces and explode them by remote control.

They will do whatever it takes because they do not have anywhere else to escape. They might even use other animals as suicide bombers.

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There have been reports that ISIS have triggered as many as 100 suicide attacks in the past weeks since the assault on Mosul began. It seems like even though they’re probably going to lose control of the city, they’re determined not to let it go without a fight while taking as many people – and dogs – with them.

Let’s hope that it isn’t too long before the city is overtaken and they stop killing everyone. For happier stories involving dogs, check out this dog pool party. Absolutely awesome.


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