ISIS Send Out Chilling Threat Video Following Manchester Bombing

This is only the beginning.

It’s only been three days since the chilling Manchester attack at an Ariana Grande gig and already ISIS are using the opportunity to send out sickening propaganda videos.

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In the footage, the extremist group calls for even more attacks and suggests that Las Vegas could be their next target. Several properties of the Vegas strip were displayed, with effects to make it look as if it was under attack. Meanwhile, ISIS’s speaker (pictured above) calls on supporters to attack victims by stabbing them or throwing them off of buildings. Shocking stuff, but I guess this is nothing new from ISIS.

This threat comes after ISIS claimed responsibility for Salman Abedi’s bombing of the Manchester Arena this week in which 22 people were killed and another 59 were injured.

Despite this horrific attack, it seems like this latest video is just an empty threat. In fact, they sent out a very similar one last year, claiming their plan to target Vegas as well as San Francisco, and nothing came from that. I guess for the moment, they are just flexing their military muscles.


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