Irishman Living In London Backs Brexit ‘Because Immigrants Are Stealing Our Jobs’

Irishman Backing Brexit

You honestly couldn’t make it up.

Brexit is the hot topic on everybody’s lips at the moment as the referendum draws closer and it seems like everyone has an opinion on it.

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The trouble is that a lot of those opinions seem to be completely and utterly misinformed and the latest person to throw their name into the hat for dumbest person to ever talk about the subject is a random Irishman who was interviewed before the Gaelic football match between Mayo and London. Speaking to RTE’s Six One News on his way to the game, he had the following to say about it:


The vote will be to get out as quick as possible, and there’s a simple reason for that.

I left Ireland when I was 15 years of age, I had no other choice. Our work has been taken up by thousands and thousands of people crossing over into Britain and that’s the reason I’ll definitely be voting to leave.

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Right. Just in case you didn’t get the stupidity of what he’s saying there, the dude himself is quite clearly an immigrant because he’s moved over from Ireland to London in order to get a job because he ‘had no other choice’, which is pretty much the same situation that a lot of immigrants and refugees find themselves in.

But hey, because he’s from Ireland it’s OK, and now he’s worried about someone coming over and stealing his job, much like he did to some other Londoner all those years ago? What an absolute jeb end – the fact that people like this want us to leave the EU should probably help you make your mind up on the issue come June 23rd.

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