Irish Man Fights Entire Turkish Neighbourhood In MENTAL Istanbul Street Fight Footage

This one of the most epic street fight showdowns we’ve ever seen.

Here’s a bit of background information on this incident via the YouTube uploader — followed by the video footage below.

Angered at an Irish tourist, shopkeepers in Ä°stanbul’s Aksaray district appeared to be messing up with the wrong guy — a professional boxer.

Few days ago, the tourist booked an hotel room in Aksaray as part of his trip in Turkey. Near his hotel, he went to pick up a bottled water, but he opened the door of a merchandised refrigerator so hard that dozens of water bottles dropped to the ground. Seconds after the incident, owner of the shop approached the Irish tourist and hit him with a stick.

In a sign of solidarity, neighbouring shopkeepers also started assailing the tourist. But they were unaware that the tourist is a professional boxer.

As soon as he realized that he needs to fight back, the tourist put his sunglasses on his head and positioned himself as if he was on a ring ready to fight against his rival. He started putting down a mob of shopkeepers one by one. One of them could hardly walk after taking a hit on the face.

As shopkeepers understood that it will be difficult to tackle him, they asked for help. The crowd immediately swelled. The tourist and the shopkeepers then retreated to nurse their wounds. The tourist took a shelter inside his hotel. Minutes later, the tourist left the hotel and dived into the crowd. The shopkeepers had started using clubs, hard banners and stools to fight off the tourist. The Irishman again retreated to his hotel lobby several times, replenished his strength and attacked again.

Shocked, the shopkeepers decided to calm down and retreated.

I really don’t think that needed to turn violent, but good to see the Turkish dude in the green and white stripes who instigated the whole thing end up on his arse. Not a good look for the Turks in general ganging up on this guy and still getting their butts whooped. OK he only actually knocked out one of them I think but the fact there were dozens of them and they still couldn’t take him down means he ultimately gets the win in my book.

Perhaps an even more impressive effort than the guy who got started on by 10 drunks… and won.


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