Irish Lads Get Into A Bloody Fight When Friendly Banter Goes Too Far (VIDEO)

Don’t push your friends too far.

Been a while since we featured some good old-fashioned fisticuffs on Sick Chirpse, but these two Irish lads were absolutely begging to be featured following this skirmish outside a bookies the other day.

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At least one of these boys is completely wrecked off his tits, and that results in some aggravated trolling where one keeps insisting that he place his bike on the other’s car.

Here’s how that turned out:

The most surprising and impressive bit is how the one in the grey tracksuit bottoms gets smashed over the head with a tire iron and moments later wrenches the weapon away and has a clear shot to do the same thing to the other lad. Instead, he drops the tire iron and walks away from the fight. OK they end up battering each other again moments later but it was a pretty sweet gesture while it lasted.

Here’s hoping these two shook hands and became best of friends again afterwards. Probably not the case with this kid who knocked out his step-dad after he called his best mate the N-word.


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