The Iranian Hulk Just Threw Serious Shade At The Brazilian Hulk Ahead Of Their MMA Fight

Hulks smash.

Up until this point, the Incredible Hulk was saved for the pages of Marvel comics and CGI trickery in MCU movies.

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However, two men have transformed themselves into IRL iterations of the stacked superhero – Sajad Gharibi and Romario do Santos Alves, AKA the Iranian Hulk and the Brazilian Hulk, respectively.

These men have both made names for themselves online by working out a lot and pumping their veins with Synthol to get those sub-human muscles. It takes all sorts.

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If you’ve been following either of their moves in recent months, you might be aware that the pair agreed to an MMA fight.

And while Gharibi has a serious weight advantage (at 27.6 stone compared with Santos Alves’ 16.4 stone) the Brazilian body builder vowed to get his weight up for the match, stating:

I will go up to 120 kilogrammes (18.9 stone) and I send a message to you, the Iranian Hulk who is challenging me: I will go up to 120 kilogrammes and you will go down to 120.

I will tear off your head.

That’s some serious fighting talk. For a while things were looking like they were going ahead, although in a recent Instagram post/reply to Santos Alves’ statement, the Iranian Hulk wrote:

Having accepted his challenge, I soon realised that this coward Brazilian Romario (Brazilian hulk) refused to fight with me in the cage.

I should have known he wouldn’t have the guts to face me. He wanted to knock my head off what a hilarious joke!

I wish I could have faced him in the cage so that I could crush his head under my feat.

Anyhow, I’m excited for a good challenge. Whoever comes, I’ll be ready. Let me put it in a nutshell whoever dares to challenge me I’ll destroy him.

By the sound of things, the Brazilian Hulk had a change of heart. That said, we all know how these high-profile MMA matches work. This could all just be a stunt to bump up PR for the event. It wouldn’t be all that surprising – hopefully we’ll hear more in the weeks to come.

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