Someone Has Invented A Beer Cooler That Follows You Around Like A Dog

Autonomous Beer Cooler

Best invention ever.

There’s not much worse than being picked by your buddies to go to the store and do a beer run, because carrying that crate back to wherever you live is always a chore no matter how far away it is, especially now that we’re hitting the summer. It’s even worse when you finally get there only to find out that the beers are all warm and they’re going to have to chill in the freezer for a bit before you can even contemplate drinking one. Nightmare.

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That’s why someone saw fit to create this invention, which just might be one of the most useful of all time. It’s a beer cooler that follows you around automatically and keeps your beer cool for you. Check it out in action below:

So ingenious and useful right? Unfortunately, you can’t just buy one – that would be too easy wouldn’t it? But the guys over at Hacker House have created the following fairly easy to understand tutorial on how to do it yourself. Watch and learn, never have to lug a crate around again and be the envy of all your friends:

Yeah, that might be a bit too complicated for me on second thoughts, but how cool would it be to have one of these? Probably not cool enough to go through all this rigmarole, but think about it at least.

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