Watch This Sexy Twitch Streamer Get Mistaken For A Prostitute When She’s Trying To Get An Uber

Caroline Burt

She ends up getting in the car with a guy.

I don’t really get live streaming your life so that a whole bunch of people can watch you living it, but it seems like a way that a lot of people make their livelihood these days, so you’ve really gotta take your hats off to the people that are making work to them. Fair play.

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Another side effect of live streaming your life is that sometimes you capture really awkward moments on your feed that could never be imitated. Case in point, this encounter that live streamer Caroline Burt filmed on the streets of Los Angeles.

She though the guy pulling up to her in a car was her Uber driver so jumped into the front seat, only to discover eventually that he was actually a guy cruising for hookers. It took a few minutes for her to figure that out, and as you can imagine, the conversation was suitably awkward:

Damn. That’s a good cutoff but I kinda wanted to see the attempts at an awkward explanation that this guy was going to pedal when he realised that he had been completely busted by her. He doesn’t sound like the most confident guy – might even have been the first time he had done that – so I bet his responses were pretty bumbling and all over the place.

Also, I’ve gotta call out Caroline Burt because before she even knew the guy wasn’t an Uber driver he asked her to turn off the stream and stop recording him and she lied to him and refused, point blank saying it wasn’t recording which is pretty out of order, even if she did get a good video out of it. Not cool, although I suppose it could have saved her life if the guy had ended up being way creepier or anything.

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