An ‘Instantly Recognisable’ Female Reality TV Star Is Accusing Two Men Of Raping Her At A Drug Fuelled House Party

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It’s being reported by The Sun that over the weekend an ‘instantly recognisable reality TV star in her 20s’ was raped by two men at a drugs and alcohol fuelled party.

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The alleged assault is said to have occurred at said party that was nearby to where the star had been filming. The two men accused of rape are understood to be 20 and 28 years old respectively and had been working on the reality TV star’s latest project. They’re claiming that they took part in a consensual threesome.

Here’s what a ‘source’ said about the incident:


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The girl in her 20s woke up in a state after a house party where drugs and alcohol had been flowing freely.

Thames Valley Police have confirmed that they’re investigating the incident. There’s no news on who the female reality TV star is at this point, but her identity will probably be leaked/revealed if the police deem that the investigation can move forward and these men can be charged for their actions. Maybe even if it isn’t.

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