Instagram Model Makes £80,000 A Year From Pics Of Her 6.5 Inch Tongue

If you’ve got it, flaunt it.

Most Instagram models use their (usually massive) butts/boobs to accumulate followers, but not 21-year-old Mikayla Saravia (even though she has both in abundance).

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Mikayla instead differentiates herself from her peers by sticking out her unusually huge tongue in every pic, which I guess is appealing because it’s impossible to not look at Mikayla’s tongue and not instantly imagine her doing freaky things with it. 

Check it out:


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As per the Daily Star, Mikayla gets paid between $900 – $3000 (£722 – £2,400) for a photo or video of her licking different food items, usually in a bikini or lingerie. She also makes extra bank off her YouTube channel and website where she sells personalised merch.

She told the Daily Star about her income:

Last year, I made a little under $50K (£40K), should be better this year because I already have double that amount.

And that my friends is called making the most of the ‘gifts’ God gave you. Having said that, how long until Brazzers or Pornhub come calling? Any day now I bet.

For the woman who bit off her ex-boyfriend’s tongue after asking for a last kiss when he dumped her, click HERE. Savage stuff.


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