Instagram Model In Hot Water For Doing Photoshoot In Empty Supermarket Aisle

Well that backfired.

For some reason, Instagram model Skye Wheatley thought the first day of Australia’s coronavirus lockdown would be the perfect time to head to the supermarket with her son and do a photoshoot in front of an empty aisle.

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Not a bad idea as far as being topical and current, but it seemed to attract the sort of anger an Instagrammer would receive if they took modelling photos at Auschwitz.

Maybe a little bit ill-timed and opportunistic, but nothing to get worked up over, right? Wrong, apparently…

What a bunch of party poopers! Upon noticing the backlash, Skye edited her caption to add the following:

please be kind to one another, please send love not hate, please focus on the positives and be aware of the negatives but shift your energy to the light not the darkness. I honestly recommend googling the law of attraction guys it’s really helped me through some pretty dark times.

I mean that’s the sort of depth and philosophising you want to see from Instagram models at the end of the day. And how about that Laws of Attraction recommendation? Obviously not just a pretty face in an empty supermarket aisle.

For more Aussie Instagram models, get a load of Steve Irwin’s niece. She’s really been putting the work in recently (NSFW).

[h/t MailOnline]


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