Instagram Model Gets Her Bum Eaten By A Wild Pig On The Beach (VIDEO)


Did you think the Instagram model life was just fun and games? Throw on a bikini and frolic around on the beach, rack up those Likes and get paid for it?

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Nope, there’s a much more dangerous side to the IG model game that we rarely see, but thanks to the super brave Michelle Lewin, we now have a sneak peek at the true risks these ladies face every time they put their lives on their line to capture that perfect Instagram photo.

Watch below:

There you have it. It’s not all Photoshop and Facetune and butterflies and rainbows out there. Sometimes a wild pig will just run up on you on a beach in the Bahamas and take a giant chunk out of your backside when you least expect it. Maybe he smelt some fish up there?

As we’re here, let’s have a gander at the rest of Michelle’s IG. Journalism, baby:

Good stuff. Take care of yourself out there, Michelle.

Pigs can be truly vicious buggers indeed.


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