A Woman Has Been Eaten Alive By Her Own Pigs



I can’t think of a much worse way to die than being fed to your own pigs and this is kinda the way that the woman in this story croaked – except that her bloodthirsty pigs were more than willing to devour her after she fell over in their pen.

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The farmer was mucking out the pigs at their farm in the Malopurginsky area of Udmurtia in the western part of the country, whens he suffered an epileptic seizure and collapsed in the middle of their pen. The pigs then proceeded to bite into her face, shoulders and ears as she lay on the floor, eventually dying from blood loss. Her husband found her body shortly afterwards.


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Geez what an absolutely grim way to go hey? You would think that those pigs would have been pretty good mates with her after she looked after them for so long, so they would have cut her a break but I guess not huh?

Although I guess there’s also the possibility that she could have been abusive to them and was just getting what she deserved. Of course, the fact is that the pigs were probably gonna get slaughtered later for their meat no matter how she treated them, so I’m sure some people (vegans) would agree that she got what she deserved.

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