Instagram Influencers Are Being Exposed For Photoshoots In A Fake Private Jet Set

This is just sad.

I get that you have to do what you have to do when you’re an Instagram influencer who needs to keep up appearances and present an enviable lifestyle, but this is just… sad.

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A whole bunch of influencers over in the States have been exposed for renting a studio in LA made to look like a private jet for their Instagram photos:

Turns out it only costs $64 an hour for a photoshoot in this fake private jet studio.

This influencer even captions her photo ‘next stop’ and has a whole bunch of people kissing her “jet-setting” butt in the comments:

Have to respect the fact she’s kept the photo up even after being exposed, but she’s now turned off the comments. Wonder why?

Poor Melissa here has had her ‘reality shaken’ by the fact that everything on Instagram is fake:

In fairness, I always thought these IG influencers were using the private jets of 58-year-old Saudi billionaires who they let pee on them in exchange for gifts, but turns out the truth is relatively underwhelming – they’re just renting fake jet studios in LA for $64 an hour to make it look like they lead amazing lives. Classic style over substance which is what being a social media influencer is all about I guess. Like I said – sad!

For the girl who exposed her influencer sister for posting fake hiking photos in their back garden, click HERE. Cheers sis!


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