A Girl Called Out Her ‘Influencer’ Sister For Posting Fake Hiking Photos In Their Back Garden


In what might be the biggest sibling betrayal I have ever heard of, a girl has exposed her ‘influencer’ older sister for misleading her followers on Instagram.

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As per Business Insider, Casey Sosnowski shared a photo on Instagram looking like she was out on a trail and enjoying nature. She even had a water bottle with her and gave the photo a cringey caption:

Nature is the ultimate healer to all our problems.

Well it turns out Casey wasn’t hiking at all, in fact she was somewhere much closer to home. Well, actually she was literally at home. In her family’s back garden in fact.

Not having any of it, her sister Carly went on Twitter and called out Casey over the staged photos:

Brutal stuff – get a load of those Likes and ReTweets.

I mean obviously it’s great anytime an ‘influencer’ gets exposed for being full of shit but to bait up your own sister like this? I wonder if she even gave her the chance to take the photo down before exposing her. I don’t know if Carly is a bit jealous of Casey or if she’s just real as fuck but either way, she’s an absolute hero for this.

After her sister exposed the truth, Casey updated the photo’s caption to “Did I go hiking? No. Is this my backyard?…..Maybe.” So fair play to Casey for being pretty chill about the whole thing.

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