Instagram Girl Goes Nuts At Mum Confronting Her For Shooting NSFW Content In Front Of Kids (VIDEO)

The woman’s husband then ‘slid into her DMs’.

Instagram model Persia Shah AKA @s.hosseinix took to the empty streets of London this week to film some NSFW OnlyFans content – the site where men pay a monthly fee (usually tiered) to get nude photos and videos of women they follow on Instagram.

Well as it happens, a local child caught a glimpse of Persia’s enormous butt cheeks and his mum was not best pleased. When confronted, Persia declined to move the show elsewhere and instead went on the offensive:

Classy lady. I mean I’m not saying she’s necessarily wrong about that woman’s husband shagging her if he got the chance, but it was a bit OTT to say as much and then threaten to do it as well. That fake Instagram screenshot of the husband sliding into her DMs was pretty funny though, gotta give her that.

What’s even funnier though is that I’m pretty sure this girl has butt implants and is now going around dissing women with pancake butts. Do squats? Maybe should have taken her own advice there.

Still, it was probably a good investment because it looks like Persia Shah is raking it in over at her OnlyFans. Nice little earner if you can get it, but maybe don’t pull your arse out in the middle of the street next time.

For the mum and daughter who run a NSFW OnlyFans account together, click HERE. Keeping it in the fmaily.


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