An Instagram Challenge Is Daring People To Masturbate Every Day In May

Go for it.

Everybody masturbates, but it’s very rarely that you’re going to discuss the ins and outs of it down the pub with your mates on a Friday night isn’t it?

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The stigma surrounding the act of self pleasure is something that’s existed as long as I’ve been alive, but Amy Baldwin and April Lampert – the co-hosts of the Shameless Sex podcast – are hoping to eradicate the shame of it with their Self-Pleasure 30-Day Instagram Challenge. All you have to do is make sure that you spend ten minutes each day of the month having a wank – without the use of porn or sex toys – and then keep track of your journey by sharing a photo to the Challenge’s Instagram account. This should be a written account of your experience in ten words or less, perhaps a selfie as well.

Here’s what the two founders had to say about it:


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It’s contest time again! May is M@sturbation month, and to celebrate we are running a 30 Day Self-Pleasure Challenge 🎊 . The intention of this challenge is to help de-stigmatize #selfpleasure while also giving participants an opportunity to connect with their own pleasure/body on a deeper level (and potentially win some awesome prizes 🎁 as well!) . . Instructions: Open to anyone 18+ of all genders. DM or email an anonymous photo of yourself like the one here (we may share your photo but we promise to keep your info private) stating something about your current self-pleasure practice in 10 words or less by April 30th. Then for the month of May you will self-pleasure for a min of 10 minutes/day, with no goals for org@sm (but if it happens, great!), no porn and no vibrators 🚫. Every week we will ask you to send another anonymous photo of yourself describing your week’s experience – what you learned, challenges, breakthrough’s etc. 📝 Everyone who sends in 1 photo 📸 per week will be entered into a raffle to win: Grand prize <<Valued over $1000!>>>- Hot Octopuss Duo 👐🏼(@hotoctopuss), a bottle of Uberlube💧, access to OMGyes💥, access to our Wild Woman Sex online workshop, a copy of Come As You Are by Emily Nagoski 📚(@enagoski) AND a Sex Coaching or Sexological Bodywork session with Dolly Josette 🗣(@pleasuremuse) (episode #102) Runner up prizes include: a bottle of Uberlube, access to OMGyes, access to our Wild Woman Sex online workshop, copies of Come As You Are, and more! #selfpleasurechallange #selfpleasure #shamelesssexrevolution #30daychallange #shamelesssexpodcast

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Most folks aren’t talking about masturbation openly or with pride, It continues to live in the shadows.

Our guess is that this is related to the social constructs of religion and the anti-masturbation crusade that was inspired by Kellogg and the Victorian Era.

So many people are disconnected from their own bodies.

They are either turned down or turned off – often from past trauma or shame – and they are craving to feel more alive and sexually vibrant.

The purpose of this campaign is to invite participants to fully connect with themselves and see what they may be missing out on now that all of the distractions have been removed.

We are also inviting folks to make this a practice of presence and discovery with no goals of climax as people often miss out on the subtle sensations of the journey when they are so focused on the destination.

It takes dedication and discipline as well as time and patience, and we live in a busy world where self-care is often put on the back-burner.

This challenge invites participants to be in this together by holding themselves accountable because they know they have committed to 30 days of self-pleasure.

Sounds kinda cool I guess? I mean I respect what they’re trying to do but it seems like it’s kind of a faff just to jerk off? Most of us do it every day anyway and I guess it’s kind of a shame we’re not open about that, but do any of us have the time to write out ten words about our experience, take a photograph and post it to Instagram?

I’m gonna be honest I probably don’t, but if you’re into this then please don’t let that stop you. Just don’t let it cut into that precious masturbation time.

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