Inside North Korea: Unbelievable Excerpts From UN Report #3

The UN’s recent and damning human rights report on the DPRK covers all aspects of life. Here we look at abuse to women, people with disabilities and the poor.

If the family agreed to be separated from the child, however, the child would be taken by the government to a designated location. The family would have to sign documentation to agree never to seek that child again and the name of the child would be deleted from the Family Registration File as if the child with disabilities never existed.

North Korea Kim Jong Il

According to a recent NGO report, many DPRK nationals who fled the DPRK indicated that infants with disabilities were killed or abandoned. Another research institute based in the ROK reported that human rights violations against persons with disabilities include the segregation and forced sterilization of persons suffering from dwarfism.

A North Korean worker checks his mobile phone as a soldier stand

And even more sinister still…

There have been disturbing allegations of an island in South Hamgyong Province where gruesome medical testing of biological and chemical weapons has been conducted on persons with disabilities. The Commission received no first-hand accounts of these allegations. A former high-level official, recounted two occasions when he was working for the Ministry of Public Security and people were arrested and sent to a Hospital, where the doctors told him they would be used for medical experiments.

The report could not find enough information to substantiate the latter claims, but I guess none of us would be that surprised if they turned out to be true. There’s never a positive note to end on when talking about the politics and short comings of DPRK’s harsh regime…

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