Dude Sticks & Lands An Insane Skateboard Trick, Cops Can’t Believe Their Eyes (VIDEO)

Get this man on the X Games right now.

Outside of the pro skater world there’s so many talented amateur skaters out there entertaining crowds of people just for the love of the game.

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Here’s one example shared on Worldstar earlier – an unknown skater pulling off a neat little trick that leaves the whole street going crazy:

Look at those policemen’s faces – minds blown. I bet it took everything for them not to go nuts like everyone else. In fact I like to think they were about to arrest the skater for something unrelated and then told him if he could pull off that trick they’d let him go free. Sorta explains why he’s in their faces so much afterwards. Well played. 

To watch Mitchie Brusco become the first skateboarder to ever land a 1260, click HERE. Staggering stuff.


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