Mitchie Brusco Becomes First Skateboarder To Land A 1260 (VIDEO)


It’s been 20 years since the legendary Tony Hawk landed the first ever 900 at X Games 1999. It was absolutely unreal at the time but since then people’s skill sets and abilities have evolved so far that it’s not so much of a rarity anymore.

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Well fast forward to 2019 and skateboarding has found itself a new record-breaking trick – here’s Mitchie Brusco becoming the first skateboarder in history to land a 1260 at this year’s X Games (as covered by FTW):

Holy shit!

The maddest part is that Mitchie didn’t even get gold at this event – he walked away with silver (Elliot Sloan took gold). Sorry but that is a piss-take if you ask me. If you’re the first person to pull off any skateboarding trick, let alone a 1260, you should automatically be given gold. After all that’s what everyone’s talking about following the event. Oh well, get ’em next time Mitchie.

To watch Gosha Konyshev tear up Moscow despite the fact there’s snow everywhere, click HERE. Serious skills.


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