Check Out This Insane Footage From The Louisiana Mudfest

Louisiana Mudfest

Big tyres, huge power and a lot of beer and mud.

The Louisiana Mudfest is described as ‘one of the wildest parties in the south’ and pretty much involves a bunch of rednecks heading to a festival with a bunch of monster trucks and other assorted power vehicles and going crazy in the mud. Certainly sounds wild right?

Apparently those who know Mudfest the best describe it as ‘good cooking, good friends, good fun, and a lot of partying.’ To be honest that sounds pretty good to me, apart from all the mud but like the Mouth Of The South says ‘if you don’t like mud, go to Texas I guess’.

Some American TV show called the Car Club went down to check it out and make this documentary about it and they got pretty muddy and tanked. Basically, if you can handle the mud then it looks like a whole lot of fun. When I finally do that road trip of the dirty south, then this is definitely going to be a pit stop. Some of the trucks look like they belong in Mad Max for fuck’s sake.

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