Insane Dude Sends 32 Messages To Guy Who Was Snapchatting His Ex-Girlfriend

Insane Snapchat Rant

How not to get your girlfriend back.

It goes without saying that when you get dumped by your girlfriend, you’re probably going to be pretty upset about it.

However, there are ways to deal with this and ways not to deal with it. One definite way not to deal with it is to stalk her Snapchat account, look at her best friends list, track down someone on it on Facebook and then send them a 32 message long rant about how they need to leave her alone and about how she is the only one for you etc etc etc.

Unfortunately, when stuff like that does happen it tends to get posted all over the internet for lolz and that’s exactly what happened here. You can see the full rant on the slideshow – use your arrow keys/slide on mobile to view the images.

If the guy who wrote these messages happens to be reading this then get help because seriously you’re absolutely insane. Oh yeah, and that girl is never getting back together with you ever (even though it looks like they are back together from these messages, it seems that in reality they’re actually not which makes the whole thing even more retarded). If you want to do something productive with your relationship though, get her to review you for your Tinder profile because this guy did that and absolutely crushed it.

Insane Snapchat Rant 1

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