Adam Johnson Is Paying For Protection In Prison Where Child Rapist Was Disembowelled With Razor Blades

“He’s shitting himself.”

Adam Johnson is bricking it hard after discovering the jail he’s being sent to next week is the same one where a child rapist was brutally disembowelled with razor blades by fellow inmates.

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Johnson will be headed to HMP Frankland, one of the most dangerous prisons in the UK which also contains child killers Levi Bellfiend and Ian Huntley.

Johnson is worried he’ll be targeted for his crime as a child sex offender, not to mention for his celebrity status.


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He’s particularly concerned about running into prisoners who are Newcastle fans, after he scored in Sunderland’s 3-0 over them last October and then partied on their turf.

A friend of his says:

He’s shitting himself.

The only way to stay safe is to have a hardman by his side every minute he’s out of his cell.

He’s been advised to put money aside.

In 2011, child rapist Mitchell Harrison was lured to a cell by other prisoners at HMP Frankland. He was pinned down by Nathan Mann and Michael Parr, who snapped his neck and then disembowelled him using razor blades attached to plastic cutlery.

What do two people who would do that look like? Something like this:


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After the attack Mann actually advised officials they should put him into solitary confinement or he would “do the most goriest killing they had ever seen”. What, gorier than opening up someone’s stomach with razor blades?

Former Frankland prison officer Shaun Gettings confirmed Johnson will be facing a “very hard environment” in prison.

Johnson will be a high profile prisoner and the guards will have to be aware of him more.

With such well known inmates, it’s always possible other prisoners could try and do something, especially with the high media interest around the case.

As soon as he enters he will be assessed to see if he is a suicide risk. Frankland is a hard place.

Well, good luck I guess. Despite the fact he fiddled a 15-year-old schoolgirl I don’t think anyone actually wants to see Adam Johnson killed over it, do they? Maybe just punched really hard in the face like this list of footballers.


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