Indonesia Is Now Castrating Sex Offenders As Punishment


Good idea?

Rape, paedophilia and any kind of sex offence (yeah, that includes grabbing them in the pussy Donald Trump) are some of the most digesting and horrific crimes imaginable and it’s often claimed that the punishment doesn’t actually befit misdemeanour – Indonesia are looking to change that though.

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Insanely harsh new rules (depending on how you look at it) have just been introduced in the country whereby paedophiles can now be castrated or executed in the country. These rules are pretty specific and complicated so listen up.

Repeat offenders and anyone that abuses family members faces between ten to twenty years in jail and there is also the option to have them chemically castrated or a microchip placed on them so that they can be surveilled at all times. Offenders that murder victims, give them a sexually transmitted disease or permanent physical or psychological trauma can face execution.

These new and improved punishments for sex offenders have been triggered after a 14 year old girl named Yuyun was raped and murdered by a gang of 12 men in Sumatra back in May. At first, the crime was ignored but seven teenagers have now been jailed for it, and if these new laws are the legacy of the offence then that is at least something, although it’s nothing compared to the suffering that Yuyun must have endured. RIP.

Obviously Indonesia is a hotspot for sex tourists as it’s well known that paedophiles flock their every year to do their disgusting business. Although these new laws have been frowned upon by doctors and human rights activists, hopefully they will discourage these kinds of people from acting out their awful desires.

Personally, I hope that they do act as a deterrent and don’t have to be enforced, but if people are going to get involved in that stuff then they really have to face the consequences. It might sound harsh but it’s only repeat offenders and people that have harmed family members that face castration, so they are almost giving them a chance not to do it again. If they’re actively transmitting STDs, murdering people or permanently disfiguring them then again, they probably deserve what they’re going to get.

Let’s hope these laws stamp out this kind of shit over there for good, although I don’t think we’ll ever be able to stop it entirely. For more paedophiles getting what they deserve, check out this guy getting caught in the act up in Newcastle.


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