Indian Police Are Wearing Coronavirus Zombie Costumes To Scare People Into Staying Inside

Good idea?

We’ve already seen during this lockdown period that police in India have approached keeping people inside in a novel manner – they would whack them with sticks if they saw them out on the street – but it now seems like cops in New Delhi and Dwarka have taken on a new tactic to making them remain indoors.

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Video has emerged of volunteers wearing spiky red COVID-19 helmets and full hazmat suits and deputy police commissioner RP Meena has explained why this is working:

When these volunteers are on the streets and stopping people and making them understand, it leaves a visual impact in people’s minds. It helps people understand how dangerous the virus is.

It motivates people to take all precautions necessary to avoid this virus.

I mean I suppose they’ve got a point and it might help people understand that? Probably think that whacking them with sticks is probably enough to get it through to them if they haven’t been able to read the news and you know, recognise how important the whole staying in and not spreading the virus thing is. Seems mad that people still aren’t getting that.

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