Indian Man Who Worshipped Donald Trump ‘Like A God’ Dies After Falling Into Depression Over Trump’s COVID Diagnosis

RIP Donald Trump’s #1 fan.

India has like 33 million Gods to choose from, so the idea that someone over there could worship Donald Trump of all people is pretty mind-blowing.

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If you don’t believe such a person exists, see for yourself below:

According to the Indian Express, 33-year-old Bussa Krishna was so distraught to learn of Donald Trump’s COVID diagnosis the other week that he fell into a deep depression. Up until that point, he had been literally worshipping Donald Trump like a God for years.

His cousin B Vivek told the paper that Bussa woke up in the morning as usual, had a bath and a cup of tea, and then collapsed on the ground.

He had slipped into depression after hearing about Trump contracting coronavirus. He was not eating properly. When we rushed him to the hospital, the doctors declared him dead. The cause of death is a cardiac arrest.

Bussa had photographs of Trump across the walls in his home and even walked around India with MAGA T-shirts or just any shirt he could find that had Trump on it. Wherever he went, he carried a framed photograph of the US President. Last year, Bussa spent Rs 2 lakh (about £3,120) erecting a 6-foot tall statue of Trump at his home, which he christened the ‘Trump temple’. So yeah, you could say he was pretty obsessed with the guy. It was also his wish to meet Trump when he visited India earlier this year.

You really have to wonder whether Bussa would still be here today if Trump hadn’t contracted coronavirus. I know the doctors say he died of a heart attack but let’s not sugarcoat things here – he died of a broken heart. Simple as that. The saddest part is he didn’t even live long enough to see Trump come out the other side looking ‘better than ever’.

You would expect to find someone worshipping Trump like a God in Texas or Alabama or Kentucky, not India. But I guess they do sorta love him over there because he stood up to China and took steps to improve US-India relations. Maybe also because he’s not the biggest fan of Muslims (allegedly).

RIP Bussa and I hope he’s found himself a COVID-free God in the afterlife.

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