Indian Bride Leaves Groom At The Altar Because He Failed To Add 15 + 6 Correctly

Better brush up on those maths skills.

If numeracy skills are a prerequisite for your perfect man, you might want to find that out before you walk down the aisle to marry him. Not the case for one bride-to-be in India, who dumped her groom at the altar because he failed to solve a really, really basic math problem — 15 + 6 (put those calculators away – it’s 21).

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The groom brainlessly answered “17”, which probably caused the biggest collective cringe in wedding history. Imagine if she gave him a multiplication or division problem? His brain would have probably exploded.

The bride’s father said:

The groom’s family kept us in the dark about his poor education. Even a first grader can answer this.

The thing with arranged marriages is that sometimes, the couple doesn’t get to spend any time together at all before the wedding, so I guess that explains why she didn’t realise he was a maths dunce sooner. Have to say though — poor work from mum and dad selecting this guy for their daughter and good luck getting her to meet the next guy.

The groom’s family tried to get the woman to return but she refused, which is probably just as well for everyone involved.

Just the other week, an Indian bride married one of her groom’s guests when the groom had a seizure during the wedding.


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