Angry Bride Marries Handsome Wedding Guest When Groom Becomes Ill During Ceremony

Ain’t nothing going to ruin this girl’s big day.

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It’s meant to be the happiest day of your life, but what happens when the groom has a seizure during the wedding, collapses and is rushed to see a doctor?

Well, if you’re a 23 year old Indian woman named Indira from Rampar in Uttar Pradesh, you simply ask the handsomest man at the wedding to marry you instead. That honour belonged to a member of her sister’s brother in law’s family named Harpal Singh, who bizarrely agreed to the request. She must have been smoking hot I suppose.

Upon his return from the hospital to the ceremony, 25 year old Jugal Kishore – who had suffered an epileptic fit and had previously kept his condition secret from his wife to be – begged with his former bride to reconsider as he would be ridiculed by his family and friends if he returned without her, but she wasn’t having any of it. To be honest he probably should have said something about how much he loved her if he hoped to get her back, but if she was that willing to marry someone she had never met before just because he was handsome then she’s obviously got a bit of a screw loose.

Angry Bride Marries Wedding Guest

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Following Indira’s refusal to reconsider, the wedding turned into chaos when Kishore and his family started using plates and weapons as projectile weapons against the new bride and her family. As you do. Kishore then made an official complaint about Indira’s behaviour, but the police said that there was nothing they could do as she was already legally married.

What an absolute bummer for Jugal huh? I doubt he’s ever going to live this one down. Just imagine the best man’s speech if he ever gets married again ‘well I hope this one doesn’t marry someone in the audience mate, lol’. Crushing.

I suppose he can always take a leaf out of the Russians’ book and photoshop this wedding so he can pretend it actually happened, although that might be even more depressing than what actually did happen.


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