Incel Van Driver Admits He Killed 10 People Because He Was ‘Sexually Frustrated’

The ban on his police interview has been lifted today.

You might remember the story from April 2018 about a man in Toronto, Canada who drove a rental van into a busy neighbourhood, mowing down and killing eight women and two men, aged 22 – 94.

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Footage has now emerged of 26-year-old Alex Minassian confessing to police that he was part of an involuntary celibate (incel) forum on 4chan, and the reason he committed his atrocities is because he was feeling lonely, angry and misogynistic as a result of the fact he couldn’t get laid.

He even tells police: ‘I feel like I accomplished my mission.’

Here’s the footage via Metro:

Crazy how calm, casual and coherent he is about the whole thing. Minassian’s trial begins in February, but a publication ban on his interrogation by police was lifted today. The interview took place just hours after the attack.

Minassian, who said he never had a girlfriend and was a virgin, says he wanted to inspire more attacks from similarly sexually frustrated men:

I know of several other guys over the internet who feel the same way.

They are too cowardly to act on their anger.

Umm well that’s a relief. I suppose he thinks he’s pretty brave because unlike others in his incel community he has the ‘balls’ to rent a van and drive it into a crowd of innocent people who don’t know him from Adam. How is that supposed to make you feel better about being a sexless loser? Now you’re sexless AND going to prison for life, where I suppose he’ll finally be getting some sex but probably not the kind he was after.

If you’d like to read more about the incel community and see some of the tragic stuff these guys are posting online, click HERE.


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