Incel Files #3 – The Creepiest & Most Disturbing Incel Comments On The Internet

Terrifying discussions from the world of incels.

We usually begin these blogs by giving a glossary of terms commonly used in the incel universe, but I stumbled across this incel language dictionary at one of the many incel hangouts online which is pretty helpful.

Here’s how to tell your Chads from your Beckys from your Normies:

The list is constantly being updated as incels observe the cruel world around them:

With so many people having sex, consensual or otherwise, these weirdos complain to each other that they are being left out:

^ At least this user is self-aware enough to describe himself as ‘lower than whale shit’. I guess when you’re this angry for long enough at some point you just give up on life and embrace being a scummy person.

He clarifies his comment later in the thread, and somehow manages to make it even worse:

To some incels, the friend zone is as bad as being raped:

They don’t like Normies co-opting what they believe is their culture and don’t understand how a good-looking person could describe themselves as ‘introverted’. That’s a character trait reserved for sexless losers, surely. Even hobbies like gaming or manga they believe they should be the gatekeepers of:

They couldn’t even the discuss their predictions for the KSI Vs Logan Paul boxing match without looking through the lens of inceldom:

This incel has never heard of travelling or globalisation:

Then there’s this guy who has it all figured out – or maybe just watches way too much porn and thinks this is the way everything works in real life:

It gets sadder, creepier and more dangerous:


Pretty sure we may have stumbled across a number of pre-crimes here, but let’s hope these guys get the help they need or at least if they’re going to be awful human beings for the rest of their lives, keep their vindictiveness contained within the confines of their basements.

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