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Tempers have been flaring this week about the WWEOTT blog, but is it actually that bad? We take a shot at defending it.

FYI This article was submitted by reader by @bigcheeky_ab. All words after this sentence are her own:

Ah sweet irony. A word that we in Britain lay such fierce claim to, but are also responsible for such huge bloopers I wonder whether we really understand it at all.

I joined WWEOT only a couple of days before Sophie Wilkinson’s article exploded all over the Internets, and without thinking much I found the group mildly amusing and in precisely that kind of mild silly way I found it kind of sweet as well. It was not the same amusement, however, I would gain from one of those BuzzFeed lists that you mindlessly scroll through, chortling at pictures of people’s ass cheeks stuck in chairs at McDonald’s, or unfortunate women’s eyebrows because they are having a ‘worse day than you’. Isn’t it funny how everyone LOVES laughing at BuzzFeed yet a large portion of their ‘lists’ are actually based around laughing at and shaming other people?

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Anyway, Wilkinson’s article caused such a huge media furore that it even wasted a good ten minutes on BBC news on Monday night. I mean, come on. Is a Facebook group with no malicious intent (and you’ll find that out if you have a look at it properly) initially made for a group of mates that somehow blew up recently (I wonder why that is) really oh so news worthy? I’d argue that perhaps it was, but only if the news was showing us what’s really up and – what is always the most important – the bigger picture.

I had a debate with some friends at the weekend – 4 females including me and one guy – and only two of us could see the funny side of the group and didn’t understand how anyone could take it, and themselves, so seriously as to launch an entire campaign against what is the freedom to have a laugh; and then re-invent it as something sinister and evil. I called it the difference between the butthurt and notthurt (and understandably then got called a dickhead).

But I’d like to fight this corner further, seeing as no one is going to shut up about the subject any time soon and I can’t see many other articles bothering (rightly so, yawn, who cares?) to give the public another angle (this one written in March is one of the only ones- from huffpost, mainly aimed at Caitlin Moran who was first in line to be publicly creeped out by WWEOT) to pursue this course of action.

I’m not here to fear-monger, unlike all those who are stirring up the public into thinking that a Facebook group – I repeat, a silly Facebook group with many less users than, say, Buzzfeed or tube crush – is something to waste police and media time on. GET OVER YOURSELVES PEOPLE, and give us something worthwhile to worry about, if we really have to worry. If we really need to worry about websites then we should worry about websites run by people like Hunter Moore; they are the ones hating on and shaming women, and they are the ones now getting fucked by the FBI now and hopefully rotting in hell forever.

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