Idris Elba Spent Thousands On Teens’ Gym Memberships To Keep Them Off The Streets


What a guy.

Idris Elba is probably one of Britain’s most universally liked actors – there’s just something about him right? And chances are people are going to love him even more when they hear what he gets up to in his spare time too.

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It’s well known that Idris grew up in the London borough of Hackney and it seems like he hasn’t forgotten his roots and is eager to give back to the community by buying gym memberships for kids to keep them off the streets. He also repeats this stunt in America and Africa too.

Here’s what a mystery ‘friend’ of Idris had to say about all of this, talking to The Daily Star:

He secretly does a lot for children, not only in the UK but also in America and Africa. Idris knows first hand how hard it can be to keep on the straight and narrow.

One of the things he’s been doing is paying for the gym memberships for over 150 teens in London and the USA so that they stay off the streets and in a productive place when their parents aren’t home.

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Idris knows that kids can really make something of their lives when they are provided with opportunities.

He’s been paying for these kids to use gyms so they can learn discipline and have a focus. It means they have somewhere healthy to socialise, stay off the streets and stay out of trouble.

If that’s true, then what an absolute hero. It’s always good to give something back and that’s probably one of the best causes I’ve heard in recent years. Hopefully Idris is doing some good for all these kids. I’d kinda like to know how he gets in contact with them and manages to do it though, because it sounds kind of mysterious and secret. Normally you would expect the kids to be part of a charity or something, that’s my only question about whether or not it’s true.

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