There’s An Idris Elba Doll That’s Worth £850 That Looks Literally Nothing Like Idris Elba

Money well spent.

Idris Elba is currently the sexiest man alive and one of the most popular celebrities out there so it makes sense that people would want to cash in on his likeness as much as possible, but in order to do that your products probably have to actually look like him.

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Following on from the Mo Salah and Cristiano Ronaldo statues debacle, the Idris Elba doll is even more of a joke. Firstly, it looks absolutely nothing like the guy, and secondly you’re supposed to pay £850 for the privilege of owning one. That is right, £850.

How can they possibly justify such an expense? I’m not really sure but the doll is made by British company Emperis which have made handcrafted and fine art dolls since 2010, so I guess they can get away with charging that much due to their ‘status’? I suppose you have to be a special kind of twat to drop the best part of a grand on a doll of Idris Elba so you’re not gonna bat an eyelid at the price, even though most of us would probably have a heart attack thinking about it.

Anyway Emperis apparently have some previous in this area, having already created dolls of Freddy Mercury and Cher and a whole bunch of other celebrities. Not really sure how those ones look but if it’s anything like Idris’s one then I would want my money back. Take a look at these pics of it:

Needless to say, the doll has been roundly mocked on social media with people saying that it looks nothing like Idris Elba – which you can’t really argue with – and comparisons ranging from Ming The Merciless through to Montell Jordan. I think the biggest criticisms have to be over the fact that he’s bald, really skinny (although buff in those topless shots) with a weird shaped head and weird clothes that he never wears. So in short, absolutely nothing like him.

Truly bizarre that they’ve created this and are trying to pass it off as Idris Elba, but there you go – the world moves in mysterious way. It’s even stranger that Emperis are claiming that they’ve sold out of all of them and only have two left, but that could quite clearly be bullshit. If not I think some people need to be getting fired/getting their money back. Seriously.

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