Ice T’s Wife Just Shared A Photo Of A Horse F*cking A Cop Up The Ass

Tell it like it is.

Everyone in America at the moment is going crazy – and rightly so – about a cop literally killing a defenceless, unarmed black guy up in Minneapolis and it seems like the outrage is extending to everyone all over the country, including Ice T’s wife Coco.

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Obviously Ice T has had his run in with white cops over the years, so it’s not really surprising that this is something that his wife would be vocal about as well. However, her decision to share a photograph of a cop literally getting fucked up the ass by a cop might get criticised because it really is graphic and kinda crazy (whacked a screenshot in as well an embed it case it gets deleted):


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Whoa.. Horses are starting to take action… This horse took “F**K the cops” literally 🐎

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Whoa there boy. I mean I gotta say I appreciate the sentiment and how she’s chosen to represent it. Go Coco and hopefully this goes some way to getting some small semblance for George Floyd. RIP.

For more of the same, here’s that disgusting video of George Floyd’s death from yesterday. Awful.


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