Video Of American Cop Killing A Black Man By Choking Him To Death Goes Viral; Cops Lose Jobs

Highly distressing footage.

It was literally less than 24 hours ago when I wrote about how the punishment that the Karen trying to arrest the black man in Central Park for calling her out for not leashing her dog probably wasn’t severe enough because it was only a matter of time before some white person did something worse than that and what do you know, here’s a video of a cop killing a black man.

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The video comes from over in Minneapolis, where a black man was arrested as a possible forgery suspect by a cop, who then proceeded to strangle him despite the fact he didn’t seem to be resisting arrest and was literally begging the guy to stop and saying that he couldn’t breathe. This is obviously pretty distressing footage, so make sure you want to watch it before you click that play button (I was in tears after watching it and I have to see this shit all the time and that doesn’t happen that often, so that gives you some idea how upsetting this is):

Fucking hell. What the hell is wrong with that fucking cop and why doesn’t he take his knee of his head after he’s been passed out for what seems like a long ass time in the video? And he’s clearly pissed himself as well? How can this shit be allowed to happen?

Well, it’s because when it does all that happens is the cops involved end up losing their jobs. I suppose that’s somewhat of a punishment, but if anyone else murdered anyone like this then they would be heading to jail for life, so I hardly think it’s going to be too much of a deterrent to stop American cops acting like this all the time.

The main cop has been identified as Derek Chauvin, who has a history of on duty shootings. What a surprise.

Thankfully – is that the right word? – the video seems to have outraged the world and there are a whole bunch of people protesting in Minneapolis over it right now and there was a tense standoff between them and the police force yesterday, so maybe there’s some chance that these bastards will be held accountable for their actions. This is America though, so they probably won’t.

Land of the Free. RIP George Floyd.

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