Ian Wright Suffers Disgusting Racist Abuse From Irish Teenager After FIFA Character Misses Open Goal


Racism is always ridiculous and unacceptable, but the reason Ian Wright was recently exposed to a disgusting tirade via his Instagram direct messages has to rank up there with one of the dumbest reasons I have ever seen for racism in history.

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Wright shared the abuse that he received from 17 year old Irish teenager from a direct message on his Instagram account with his Twitter followers, releasing the following statement:

That really is awful isn’t it, especially when the kid is only 17 years old. Nobody should have to be subjected to that kind of shit.

Wrighty’s outraged followers then did a full on ‘Don’t Fuck With Cats’ on this kid though, identifying him as 17 year old Patrick O’Brien from Ireland. The messages were sent to his mother and workplace and it was later reported that he had handed himself into the Garda for voluntary questioning after deleting his social media accounts and promising that an apology video would be coming today.

Not sure if that last part was the right way forward, but it sounds like owning up to his mistakes and talking to the police might be a good start. It’s gonna take a long time and a lot of work before anyone remembers him as anything other than the racist kid who DMed Ian Wright though, that’s for sure.

The reason that he started abusing Ian Wright is crazy though. Apparently it’s because he missed a sitter with his Classic Icon card on the new FIFA and he just couldn’t get over it, at least according to this account:

Yeah I’m not really sure how true that is but it does kinda sound right that a 17 year old boy would get so angry at a FIFA character that he sends the person racist abuse in real life. It’s like a Black Mirror episode from the future, only right now. 2020 bro.

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